NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Boycotts St. Patrick’s Day Parade Over Gay Ban

  • New York City’s new mayor Bill de Blasio announced he will boycott the St. Patrick’s Day parade, the largest in the nation, because  of the organizers’ ban on pro-gay banners and signs. De Blasio is the first-ever NYC mayor to decline participation in the parade. [ABC News]
  • Louisiana has scrapped its kinda shady new abortion restrictions (which would have closed all of the state’s clinics) following pushback from reproductive rights protestors. []
  • Mary Barra, GM’s first female CEO, will make half of what her predecessor made. And her predecessor will still earn more than her as an outside senior advisor. [Think Progress]
  • Scotland has legalized same-sex marriage and ended a stupid law in which a transgender person must have their spouse’s approval before their new gender is recognized by the state. And they had a rainbow. [Feministing]
  • Barbie’s lead designer defends the doll’s crazy-unrealistic proportions. [Fast Company]
  • In response to the reaction to Dylan Farrow’s NY Times piece, our former Hitched columnist Andrea Grimes asks: what would make you believe a survivor of childhood sexual abuse? [RH Reality Check]
  • How to react when an artist you admire is an accused predator, like Woody Allen or Roman Polanski. [Shadow And Act]
  • Thirteen awful things Republicans have said about immigration. [Cosmopolitan For Latinas]
  •, the BDSM production company in San Francisco, has been fined nearly $80,000 this week for not following a state law on condom usage in porn. [Nerve]
  • Women-only gyms are making a comeback. [Clutch Magazine]
  • Playwright Rebecca Gilman (“Luna Gale,” “The Glory Of Living”) on feminism, class and flawed heroes. [Ms. Magazine]

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