Aziz Ansari’s “Friday Night Lights” Super Bowl Was Better Than The Real Super Bowl

I mean, just about anything was more exciting than last night’s Super Bowl, but Aziz Ansari’s random decision to livetweet an imaginary Super Bowl between the Dillon Panthers and the East Dillon Lions — from “Friday Night Lights” — was legitimately entertaining. Some of the cast members of the show even got in on the fun. Scott Porter, who played Jason Street on “FNL,” tweeted the above photo, alongside Michael B. Jordan, who played Vince Howard. Before the big game, Aziz tweeted some gossipy tidbits about the Panthers’ resident ladies man, Tim Riggins; how Matt Saracen spent his pre-game hours; and overheard Coach Taylor’s continued frustration with Smash Williams’ priorities. I mean, who wouldn’t want to go to Drake’s after party though? And frankly, Landry Clarke is not the only one who is pissed that Bruno Mars replaced Crucifictorious as the Half Time Show entertainment. Love that band. [Twitter via Buzzfeed]