Super Bowl Sunday Sex Is Unlikely, So We’re Proposing “Makeup Sex Monday”

Newsflash: Super Bowl Sunday is not a good day for sex. The entire day — and weekend, really — is reserved for football, beer, hot wings and lots of yelling at the TV. Do yourself a favor, and start to accept the fact that you’re not getting it on today.

Thanks to a new survey conducted by We-Vibe, we learned a few things about sex and the Super Bowl…

  • Nearly half (48 percent) of adults watching the big game blame it for having lesser chances of sex afterwards.
  • Of those watching the Super Bowl, women said it’s much less likely they’ll be having sex that day versus men.
  • 51 percent of Denver fans think their chances of scoring today are slim.
  • 40 percent of Seattle fans think their chances of scoring today are slim.
  • BUT, of those confident in their sexual prospects, Seattle fans think they’re more likely to have sex on the day of the Super Bowl, versus Denver fans.

In a nutshell, far too many people are either a) opposed to having sex on Super Bowl Sunday, or b) assuming their chances are too low to try. That’s why The Frisky is fully supportive of We-Vibe’s movement to make tomorrow “Makeup Sex Monday.” Personally, I think it’s a win-win for all participants. You can soothe the pain of a loss or celebrate your team’s win with some good, old fashioned screwing. TOUCHDOWN!