Will Sarah Jessica Parker Take Over Vogue?

The fashion world is up in arms at the rumor the Anna Wintour is considering Sarah Jessica Parker to take her place as the next editor-in-chief of Vogue. Sometimes I confuse SJP with her alter ego Carrie Bradshaw. They’re both New York fixtures and total fashionistas, which is why it would make perfect sense for SJP to succeed Anna Wintour and run the magazine. Well, it sort of would, if we ignore the fact that she has no editorial experience that I know of and that there are Vogue employees who have been with the company for decades and toiled their way up to an opportunity like that through years of hard work.

I guess what I’m saying is that Parker’s persona would be a perfect choice. She’s savvy, stylish, worldly, and seemingly way less terrifying than Anna Wintour. Parker also seems like a pretty grounded person whenever she gives interviews, unlike Carrie, whose head is drifting through space for the majority of “Sex and the City.” As it happens, Wintour and Parker are pals, and Wintour is allegedly very serious in grooming her to take over the throne as leader-of-all-things-fashion. According to RadarOnline, Wintour “has thrown her Vogue co-workers into a panic by hinting her fashionista friend…Sarah Jessica Parker, could take on a wider role at the magazine.” Something tells me that if this is true, Wintour is taking total glee in making all her employees squirm, a la “The Devil Wears Prada.” It’s almost hilarious, if I didn’t think toxic workplaces were such a horrible thing. Okay, it’s a little hilarious.

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