Astrology 101: The Aquarius Love Compatibility Guide

Happy birthday, amazing Aquarius! As our gift to you, we whipped up this handy love compatibility guide so you can check out the pros and cons of your romantic match-ups with every other sign. Read on to get the astrological perspective on your love life…

Aquarius with Aries:

Best thing: You and Aries share a love for experiencing new things that are exciting and broaden your perspective in life. You will thouroughly enjoy all the adventures you have together.

Worst thing: Your goals in life focus on doing good for the whole of humanity, while Aries tends to be all about what’s best for them. Beware of these value clashes!

Aquarius with Taurus:

Best thing: You will love the stability of being with a Taurus, and appreciate how down to earth and genuine they are.

Worst thing: Taurus desires to spend lots of one on one time with you, while you want to bring all of your loved ones together; their need for private couple time might feel stifling for you.

Aquarius with Gemini:

Best thing: Both intelligent, talkative, witty, and unique, you and Gemini really get each other. You will have an extremely satisfying relationship.

Worst thing: Over time, Gemini’s moody and changeable nature may grate on you, as you crave a bit more steadiness and predictability in your life.

Aquarius with Cancer:

Best thing: With Cancer, you have finally found someone who matches your generous nature. The two of you will enjoy the give and take of nurturing each other.

Worst thing: Cancer demands a lot of emotional intimacy and closeness; you want space and independence. This can be extremely tricky to navigate.

Aquarius with Leo:

Best thing: You will be fascinated and drawn to Leo’s positive, friendly personality. As the relationship grows, you will find the two of you have much in common, loads of fun together, and a lot to learn from one another.

Worst thing: Both social creatures, you may find it hard to create intimate one-on-one time together, as you always seem to be out and about, entertaining guests, traveling, etc.

Aquarius with Virgo:

Best thing: A shared love of communication means the two of you will love spending hours discussing everything from poetry to politics.

Worst thing: The more time you spend with Virgo, the more you realize that they are more than a bit neurotic, and you don’t like getting caught up in that kind of energy.

Aquarius with Libra:

Best thing: Being with a Libra will be an effortless, harmonious, and deeply fulfilling relationship for you. The two of you will quickly form a bond based on genuine love and appreciation for each other.

Worst thing: Too much air (as you are both air signs) can lead to distance between you — you can easily forget you are lovers and only focus on the friend connection.

Aquarius with Scorpio:

Best thing: You will love the devotion and loyalty Scorpio has for you. They are very clear about what they desire, and when you are what they desire, well, it’s a pretty amazing feeling.

Worst thing: On a deeper level, you and Scorpio have such different wants, needs, and ways of being that you may find you simply cannot make things work out in a mutually satisfying way.

Aquarius with Sagittarius:

Best thing: You and Sagittarius will be immediately drawn to one another, and that attraction will only increase. Both of you are fun, open-minded, adventurous, and have a positive outlook in life — yes, please!

Worst thing: Because you both love and value your independence, you may find yourselves growing apart over time.

Aquarius with Capricorn:

Best thing: Capricorn is an extremely focused and determined individual. You not only admire them for this, but it also allows you to trust them completely and fully understand their motivations.

Worst thing: You are always on the lookout for new experiences and perspectives, while Capricorn tends to be more rigid and controlled — this can cause a significant rift between you.

Aquarius with Aquarius:

Best thing: You two will have an instant bond. You inherently understand and value each other. This relationship will most likely start as a best friend relationship and grow from there.

Worst thing: Both of you have very strong opinions about the way things “should” be done, which can create a daily power struggle over the littlest differences.

Aquarius with Pisces:

Best thing: You and Pisces will bring out the optimistic dreamer in each other. There are not many people who can appreciate and nurture this part of you like Pisces will.

Worst thing: It’s possible that you two will get stuck in that dream land, and never end up doing much of anything at all.