Anti-Abortion Christian Groups Push “Cookie-cott” Of The Girl Scouts

  • Anti-abortion Christian groups launched a national boycott of the Girl Scouts current cookie selling fundraiser, because the group’s Twitter account tweeted a link to an article which included Texas Democrat Wendy Davis as a ‘woman of the year.’ The groups are warning parents that the Girl Scouts are promoting politicians who support abortion. Oh, for fuck’s sake, people! This smear campaign gets more ridiculous every day. [Think Progress, Slate]
  • The late Rep. Shirley Chisholm, who was the first Black woman elected to Congress and the first Black person to run for president, is being remembered on a U.S. postage stamp. [New York Daily News]
  • Here’s Frisky contributor Veronica Arreola with her take on The Nation’s piece, “Feminism’s Toxic Twitter Wars.” [Viva La Feminista]
  • Maine’s highest court has ruled that transgender student Nicole Maines had her rights violated by being forced by her school to use the staff bathroom instead of the girls’ bathroom. [Queerty]
  • If you see gross sexism during the Super Bowl this weekend, you can complain directly to advertisers with the #NotBuyingIt app made by the group Miss Representation. [Feministing]
  • Four reasons America is afraid of women with friends.[Salon]
  • On the attempts by women in New York City’s fire department to boost their numbers. Currently, only one-third of one percent of NYC firefighters are ladies. That is absolutely insane. [Washington Post]
  • Anna Gordy Gaye, ex-wife of Marvin Gaye who helped him compose his songs, died at 92. [Madame Noire]

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