Justin Bieber Arrested For Alleged Assault Of Limo Driver

  • Justin Bieber turned himself in at a Toronto police station for the alleged assault of a limo driver in December. Bieber reportedly got into an argument with the driver and allegedly hit him several times in the back of the head. He was charged with the Canadian version of misdemeanor assault. Lordy, lordy. This is the second time in a week that Bieber has been arrested. [US Weekly]
  • Meanwhile, Justin lost $5,000 in a security deposit for the Miami mansion he rented, which is the cost cleaners estimate it will take to make the place stop reeking of marijuana smoke. [TMZ]
  • Facebook announced this morning it is releasing a standalone newsreading app called Paper on February 3. It’ll be a visual newsreader (think: Flipboard) but curated by editors. [TechCrunch]
  • Uma Thurman’s yoga teacher brother Dechen Thurman has been accused of sleeping with tons of women at the Manhattan yoga studio where he teaches. [Page Six]
  • Mary Lambert, the vocalist in the Macklemore song “Same Love,” is dating Michelle Chamuel, a former contestant on “The Voice.” [Perez Hilton]
  • Lea Michele is not quite ready to date yet. Ya think? [People]
  • Andy Dick was for some reason invited to the “Bachelor” wedding between Sean and Catherine and “caused a boozy scene.” [Page Six]
  • I don’t understand this whole “watching Superbowl ads before the game” thing. [Crushable]
  • These 10 Starbucks locations are actually … romantic. [The Date Report]

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