Cronut Lovers, Meet The Doughscuit

Remember the cronut — chef Dominique Ansel’s trendy blend of croissants and doughnuts that had people waiting in line for hours  (and buying them from scalpers)? Meet the doughscuit, your delectable solution to the perpetual cronut shortage. The dessert is the cronut’s half-biscuit, half-doughnut cousin, and it is life-changing.

The doughscuit was born this fall at Endgrain Restaurant in Chicago. Brothers Enoch and Caleb Simpson, who own the restaurant, had been told by customers that they should make cronuts, but Caleb had a different idea. “When Caleb told me about his idea [for the Doughscuit], I actually giggled. I was like, ‘What, dude?'” said Enoch. But when Enoch finally tasted Caleb’s delicious creation, all he could say was “Whoa. What the hell did you just do?”

What he did was create the underdog of doughnut-hybrid desserts, complete with crumbly, fried goodness. The doughscuit won the critic’s choice award at last week’s Donut Fest (yes, that’s a thing!) and has a gold doughnut-shaped trophy to show for it. Next time you’re in Chicago, get your hands on a doughscuit. You’ll never crave another cupcake or froyo ever again.


[Image via NPR]