American Apparel’s Latest Lingerie Model Is A Gorgeous, Grey-Haired 62-Year-Old

American Apparel’s latest lingerie model is gorgeous, standing at six-feet tall with long hair and beautiful full lips.

She is also 62.

Jacky O’Shaughnessey is modeling once again for American Apparel, only this time she stripped down for their lingerie line. The tagline on Jacky’s beautiful image reads, “Sexy has no expiration date.”

Damn you, American Apparel, for all the conflicting feelings you inspire in us!

This advertising is, of course, revolutionary in a sense. O’Shaughnessey is a lingerie model with stomach wrinkles!! And wrinkles on her face!! This spits in the face of the idea that the only barometer for fuckability is an 18-year-old from the Ukraine that Dov Charney did something skeevy with prior to the photo shoot. O’Shaughnessey’s pose is the opposite of risqué.

But let’s not throw a parade just yet. Despite her age and wrinkles, Jacky is still white, skinny, and conventionally attractive. But I’m happy she opens up the door for more “advanced” models being used by the youth-worshipping company.

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