8 Vacation Photos That I Didn’t Share On Instagram

Ami Angelowicz | January 30, 2014 - 11:00 am

First, let me start by saying that I AM NOT ON VACATION. I am working in another city. That city is Nashville, TN. Right now, Winona is sitting next to me at her living room table. We are drinking Sleepytime tea tea and not talking to each other. That is NOT a vacation. I’ve come to Nashville for two reasons: 1) To sit next to Winona and not talk while we work and talk a little bit while we’re eating lunch and when we’re done working. 2) To visit my boyfriend who is working here for the next month.

Here’s the thing about social media: it’s insidiously deceptive. If we’ve ever stalked anyone’s feed and imagined their life was somehow so much better/more fun/happier/more exciting than ours because their images seem to suggest so, we know this already. Instagram filters are all smoke and mirrors and 140 characters are never enough to tell the whole story. All you have to do to make people think you’re on a wild, time-of-your-life vacay is post a well-lit, well-cropped selfie from another state and BOOM your life is something to be envied, even if it’s not. Even if you’re staying in a freezing cold Air B&B house with a bunch of dudes that fart a lot, it’s easy peasy to make your “vacation” seem so much better than it actually is. That’s because we can carefully curate what we share with our followers. So far, I’ve posted photos of Winona and I eating gourmet tacos, wearing matching socks and frolicking around music city. In the name of honesty, here are the “vacation” (but not really) photos that I’ve chosen NOT to share on Instagram…