4 Random Things We Learned About Men From “That Awkward Moment”

The upcoming comedy “That Awkward Moment” tells the story of three best friends (Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan) who find themselves at that complicated moment in every dating relationship in which they must decide, “So … where is this going?”

The big takeaway here is that pretty much everything that happens in this film is pretty spot-on when it comes to guy stuff. There’s farting and XBox-playing and and even some sharing of feelings. They’re bros through and through. And we learned quite a bit, though some things definitely caught us off guard.

1. How To Pee With A Boner: Perhaps the best tip we gleaned was that lying horizontally atop a toilet is the only way to pee with an erection. And boy do they look fine doing it. On that note, though, what kind of bros take boner pills before hitting the bar?

2. Self-Tanner For Men Is A Thing: Also, guys don’t know the difference between Jergen’s jerk-off lotion and skin glow tanner.

3. They Take Things Literally (And To The Extreme): I guess I should stop describing pretentious apartment soirees as “dress up parties” or else a guy is likely to wear his finest “Rock Out” T-shirt, with his cock … well, you know.

4. They Don’t All Hate Cuddling: Best news yet! Some guys totally feel the same way we do about cuddling because, in the words of Miles Teller’s character, “We’re the same height and our crotches line up perfectly.”

In case you missed it, check out the film’s hilarious trailer!

This post is sponsored by “That Awkward Moment,” but we truly were blessed to learn how to pee with an erection, should the day ever come that we have one and need to urinate.