Sienna Miller Talks Right And Wrong In The Wake Of Daniel Craig Cheating Scandal

“Not to say I didn’t have great parents, because I did, but they were always very liberal and follow-your-heart. That’s a wonderful way to live and I’m really glad I experienced it, but at the end of the day there has to be consciousness associated with those decisions and I don’t think there was, for a lot of my life.”

– Sienna Miller, in an upcoming interview with Esquire U.K., discusses the way her free-spirited upbringing might have affected some of the decisions she made at the height of her fame (including, as we all recently found out, a fling with Daniel Craig while she was dating Jude Law). “I sabotaged things,” she adds. ” I burnt a lot of bridges.” Miller insists that her morally questionable romantic decisions are behind her now that she’s settled down with partner Tom Sturridge and their daughter, Marlowe: “I have a wonderful life. I’m up every morning with a little baby. That gives you incredible perspective.” [Esquire]