This Cat Has Lived At Home Depot For 13 Years And Was Almost Evicted Last Week

Meet Depot, the kindly green-eyed kitty who was almost evicted from her home of 13 years last week. See, Depot is a lovable stray who lives inside a Home Depot store in Bluffton, South Carolina. She’s something of a local celebrity and wanders around the store making friends with customers, many of whom bring her treats when they come to shop.

The store’s management had no problem with Depot either, until she recently began unwittingly setting off security alarms in the middle of the night. The company said it was time for Depot to hit the road.

When the news of her eviction broke nationally, animal lovers worldwide were distraught. Home Depot customer Daniel Goodell launched a petition on that has received over 1,900 signatures, begging the store to let the cat stay. Goodell included a heartfelt message about Depot, noting that she catches mice and bugs, which is a benefit to the company. He also included that “for those that do not live in the area, having a cat in the store is normal and … it’s like good luck.”

Goodell continued, “The cat did nothing to management, and if the cat is put into a shelter she’ll be destroyed due to her age.” This made my heart twist a little. It’s tough enough to age as a human, but for Depot, each birthday brings even higher stakes for her survival.

Thankfully, Goodell’s kindness brought thousands of other supporters out of the woodwork, all for the love of one sweet cat. The massive response persuaded the store to change its mind, and it was announced last week that Depot can stay in the store indefinitely. Management says that when she does grow older and needs more attentive care, they’d like to see a “healthier, safer environment” for her, presumably with one of the many people who requested to adopt her when she was about to be turned out onto the streets. For now, though, she’s welcome to stay in her Home Depot for as long as she pleases.

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