Brace Yourselves, “Mexico Shore” Is About To Become A Thing

Whether you like them or not, Snooki, The Situation and company will long be missed. The “Jersey Shore” cast created a legacy durable enough that other reality TV wannabes are happy to carry on their traditions in their absence. “Mexico Shore,” which is exactly what it sounds like, is now in the works to fill the void that the Seaside Heights meatballs left in our reality-loving hearts. MTV Latin America will start airing the series in September.

Apparently, similar versions of “Jersey Shore” have cropped up all over the globe. “Geordie Shore” in the U.K. ran for seven seasons (the footage is just as terrifying as the original’s) and “Gandia Shore” in Spain is currently producing a second season. I guess there’s something universally gawk-worthy about tan, muscled, big-haired hot messes. We don’t yet know who the stars — er, “stars” — of “Mexico Shore” will be, but let’s cross our fingers for some quality trash-TV drama. [Huffington Post]