The Best Moments At The 2014 Grammy Awards (In Pics, GIFs & Videos)

Last night were the 2014 Grammy Awards! As per usual, they went on way too long and featured a lot of awkward dancing from Taylor Swift. But Bey and Jay were there! And so was Lorde! And the Highwaymen! So it wasn’t a complete loss. Let’s review the best moments in GIFs, pics and videos…

Beyonce kicked off the show by getting the entire audience pregnant with her and Jay Z’s love, as her husband came out to join her for their first live performance of “Drunk In Love.”

I mean, look at Taylor Swift. She is just besides herself:

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis began their winning streak by picking up the Best New Artist award, taking home three more awards over the course of the night, including Best Rap Album.

Lorde brought the amazing teen goth vibes during her performance of “Royals,” showing off some sweet dance moves of her own. Also, dip-dyed finger tips!

Lorde also won two awards — “Song of the Year” and “Best Pop Solo Performance” — and seemed rather flummoxed by it all.

Katy Perry totally tried to bite Lorde’s thing with her totally weird and witchy performance of “Dark Horse.” Is she “American Horror Story: Coven”‘s new Supreme?!

Speaking of weird, some time needs to be devoted to just STARRING at Pharrell’s weird Arby’s hat. WHY?

Pharrell was nominated for a lot, including his collabs with Robin Thicke and Daft Punk, but the latter is what won him and a couple of French robots major awards like Record of the Year. Thank god Daft Punk had Pharrell and his silly hat to speak for them.

Taylor Swift took a break from dancing her glittery little ass off to headbang on stage.

But her hair looked goooooooood when she was done.

One of my fave performances of the night, hands down, was Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons coming together for a mashup of his “M.A.D.D. City” and their song “Radioactive.” It was AMAZING.

I mean, look at Taylor Swift if you don’t believe me.

When it was P!nk’s turn to perform, she brought out those aerial silk scarves again, because when something ain’t broke, why fix it.


We really should give it up for Katy Perry’s dancing too. Taylor, look out.

What else? There were a lot of old rock stars dancing awkwardly in the audience, including an unfortunately mustachioed Steven Tyler and dear sweet Yoko Ono.

Speaking of old people, I lovvvvved seeing what’s left of the Highwaymen (RIP Johnny!) perform with Blake Shelton.

And Beatles fans were no doubt tickled to watch Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr reunited on stage.

Jay Z was an adorable DILF when picking up his award for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. Blue Ivy’s got a new sippy cup!

This is around the time when I started to get bored out of my mind and maybe fell asleep for a half hour or so. When I woke up, Madonna was meandering onstage with a gold grill and a cane, warbling along to “Same Love” with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert. They were joined by Queen Latifah, who officiated the wedding of 34 couples during the song. Because love is love, y’all.

Keith Urban was VERY moved.