Meet Sean Bishop And Taylor Knuth, One Of The Couples That Got Married At The Grammys Last Night

I was traveling last night, so I missed most of the Grammys. I tuned in for about four minutes, in which I caught 34 couples getting married by Queen Latifah. It was like one of those strange, “Wizard of Oz”-type dreams that would be hard to explain: “It was the Grammys and Madonna was there and Macklemore and it was a giant wedding!”

Yeah right. But really. That happened. The Grammys went there. And it was pretty amazing. 

One of the couples that got hitched were musical theater actors, Sean Bishop, 27, and Taylor Knuth, 21. The Utah coupled were already engaged and planning their wedding when Bishop got a Grammys casting notice. They didn’t get confirmation that they were booked for the  mass wedding gig until two days before the awards show.

“It’s so insane that we’re here … We kept thinking, ‘Is this for real?’ We were kind of surprised when it all checked out,” said Bishop. “Then we heard Queen Latifah would be marrying us and we were so floored!”

I think I would be floored if Queen Latifah and Madonna were at my nuptials. It really was a dream wedding. Mazel tov to the newlyweds. [Cosmo]