Let’s All Move To Sweden, Where There’s A Vagina Mural At A Middle School

God bless the Swedes and their sensible, sex positive outlook! A middle school principal in Nykoping, Sweden has thrown his support behind a mural inside the school depicting a modern art-style vagina.

Graffiti artist and muralist Carolina Falkholt was commissioned in autumn to paint a mural depicting deep browns, purples and reds in the junior high school’s staircase. Central in the mural is a small, purple shape that appears to be vaginal lips.

The head of children, youth and cultural affairs in Nykoping announced two weeks ago that the mural was “inappropriate” for 13- to 15-year-olds would be painted over — and were roundly criticized for censorship. The town has since dropped their plans to immediately paint over the mural and said they are willing to have a discussion about it.

The middle school principal, Harke Steenbergen, supports keeping Falkholt’s mural up, saying there are “many pedagogic advantages to having her art in the school.”

Falkholt is also the artist behind a street mural in Gothenberg, Sweden, which more blatantly depicts the folds of a vagina as well as ovaries:

swedish vagina mural 2

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