That’s A Lot Of Look: Paris Hilton’s Dress May Be Ugly, But Her Wax Is Impeccable

I really don’t know when exposing the mons pubis became so “fashionable,” but I suspect this trend was covertly driven by the waxing industry, which must be in a panic over the fact that “bush is back.” I can just imagine the conversation…

Waxing Industry Bigwig #1: Shit, the media is saying that big, natural, bushy pubic hair is back in. Our Brazilian waxing sales are going to tank unless we think of a plan!

Waxing Industry Bigwig #2: Hmm, this is a risk, but what if we team up with the sheer fabrics industry and push forward a “sheer crotch area” agenda in the fashion industry. The bush may be back, but do women really want to have their short and curlies poking out the sheer paneling of a dress? I think not!

Waxing Industry Bigwig #1: Now you’re on to something! Yes, let’s declare the mons pubis to be this season’s hottest body part — the new underboob, even! Women who want to show theirs off — and they’ll want to, trust me – will need to keep that area smooth and hairless. We may even see an increase in waxing sales! It would probably help to get a famous celeb to work with us on this. Get Paris Hilton on the line. She’s got tons of free time.

Personally, I think it would be amazing if a woman with a massive bush rocked one of these panty-less sheer gowns. Maybe Gaby Hoffmann? [Photo: Pacific Coast News]