Justin Bieber Still Not In Rehab (Or Canada) Yet

  • TMZ is now claiming that Justin Bieber wasn’t drunk when he was arrested for a DUI yesterday, despite confessing to police that he had drank beers and smoked weed “all day.” Without citing a source, TMZ claims Justin’s blood alcohol level was only .014, not .04 as previously reported. Meanwhile, Justin is supposedly holed up in a Miami mansion with his father — who was drinking and drag racing with him the night of his arrest  — and ignoring his management. They reportedly had a private jet on standby for him all day Thursday, however. [TMZ, Daily Mail UK]
  • Farrah Abraham tweeted last night about “some lesbians” who “judge” and “make assumptions” after Sada from the reality show “The Real L Word”  called Farrah out on “Couples Therapy” for describing the porn she filmed with James Deen as a “sex tape.” Sada rightly pointed out that it’s not reeeally a sex tape when you have a camera person in the room with you. [Starcasm]
  • My favorite sister/lesbian duo Tegan and Sara are voicing the new Oreos jingle. [The Braiser]
  • Kate Middleton’s younger brother James Middleton is working on Boomf, a personalized marshmallow company that takes photos off Instagram and prints them on your treats. [Vanity Fair]
  • Ed Sheeran adopted a bebe kitteh. [People]
  • On the matter of Internet rage. [Flavorwire]
  • An Alaskan judge appointed by former Governor Sarah Palin denied Levi Johnston joint custody of his four-year-old son, Tripp, with Palin’s daughter Bristol. [RadarOnline]

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