10 New Weirdest, Worst Fears Inspired By The Porcupine That Fell On A Woman’s Head

A big thank you to Sandra Nabucco, the Brazilian woman who reminds us that our weirdest worst fears can come true. While the 52-year-old was out walking her dog, a porcupine fell off a telephone wire and landed on her head, leaving 200 quills in Nabucco’s scalp. “It was a huge shock. I felt a thud on my head and then felt spines with my hands. The pain was enormous,” she said of the incident. If porcupines are literally falling from the sky now, who’s to say a shark couldn’t jump out of our car while we’re driving or a lion couldn’t randomly appear in the gym steam room right when you drop your towel? Inspired by Mrs. Nabucco’s unlucky plight, here are a few of our weirdly specific phobias that might be more realistic than we thought….

1. Finding mouse poop in your snacks and thinking it’s seasoning.

2. Snow piling up on an air conditioning unit causing it to drop on your head from many stories above.

3. A snake jumping out of the glove compartment while you’re driving on the highway.

4. Sitting on a subway seat or park bench where a homeless person was recently sitting bare bummed.

5. Getting suffocated by your cat or dog while you sleep.

6. Accidentally eating someone’s finger.

7. Your phone spontaneously combusting and making your head explode.

8. Being trapped with a shark in a swimming pool or other enclosed space.

9. All of your teeth simultaneously falling out while you’re giving a speech.

10. Velociraptors becoming unextinct. Velociraptors, just in general.