5 Dating Lessons From “That Awkward Moment”

What is the deal with guys and “the talk”? If you’re spending all of your free time together and the sex is good, why is the “so what are we” conversation such a freaking issue? To get to the heart of this epidemic and learn how to decipher something real versus someone who just wants to schtup, we decided to take cues from Zac Efron’s latest comedy “That Awkward Moment.”

It’s the story of 20-somethings navigating the rocky terrain between hooking up and dating, as Efron manages to charm his way out of bachelorhood and into Imogen Poots’ panties. The good news is — spoiler alert! — all the bros eventually get over their irrational fear of settling down and open their hearts to totally cool chicks … but not without breaking a few hearts and some serious boning along the way. So here’s how to be the winner in this scenario, and not the one-night stand.

Lesson #1: Be a little patient. Not all guys are dirty rotten scoundrels. But yeah, if they make a huge dick move by not showing up to your father’s funeral, obviously you’ve waited too long.

Lesson #2: Don’t expect sex to turn into a relationship. I’m all for having sex when and with whomever you want. Just don’t expect it turn into a relationship. If there’s been copious amounts of sex without any mention of a future, give up.

Lesson #3: Be clear if he’s meeting your parents. It’s not cool to trick a guy into meeting your ma and pa, especially if he’s got a great sense of humor and plans on wearing a strap-on to your “dress up” party.

Lesson #4: Learn to play Xbox. All I can say is, if you don’t play video games and you are dating a guy who does, fake it until you make it.

Lesson #5: Just be real. You’re a cool chick, and you deserve the best. If you want to take it to the next level, be straight with him from the start. If the guy’s really into you, he’ll get there … eventually.

This post is sponsored by “That Awkward Moment,” in theaters on January 31.