Poll: Have You Ever Stalked An Ex’s New Flame?

Let’s be honest… that awkward moment when we find out our ex is dating someone new is usually pretty unpleasant. And for some, it triggers an immediate response in the brain, causing us to stop thinking completely and walk over to the computer to Google the new guy or girl who took our place. And then, kind of like my addiction to potato chips (it has to be a real thing), some people are unable to stop stalking, becoming obsessed with their “replacements.” Before you know it, you’ve created a fake profile on Facebook so you can “friend” him or her inconspicuously, while learning everything about them, including their constant need to post selfies of food and how often they groom their pet Chow-Chow, Beanie.

I’m not saying everyone does this, because many people choose to sever ties completely after relationships end, or, you know, not be creepy … but some of us just can’t help ourselves. Hell hath no fury like a scorned ex … and I want to know just how far people will go to get their stalking on.

We want to know … Have you ever stalked your ex’s new hookup?

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