A Sequel To “Life Size” Is On The Way!

Vintage Lindsay Lohan fans, rejoice! A sequel to the oh-so-fabulous Disney film “Life Size” is in the works, and I am thrilled. The made-for-TV-movie, which came out in 2000, stars Lindsay as troubled pre-teen Casey and Tyra Banks as Eve, a doll that comes to life. It’s every little girl’s dream (or nightmare)! The two ladies go on an adventure of self-discovery and lots of girl talk as Eve faces an existential crisis while trying to accept that she is, in fact, a doll and not a human.

Of course, their journey ends with an epic musical number, and like all Disney family films, there’s a very hot dad involved. Could there be anything better? [Jessica’s Note: When questioned if Tyra Banks is a decent actress, Claire replied, ” lol that remains questionable. the fact that she’s playing a doll that is just learning how to have feelings and is essentially plastic definitely helps her lack of talent.”]

Tyra insisted she can’t speak about the sequel, which she called a “modern take.” The biggest question remaining is whether Lindz will be involved. One can dream! All I know is that I’ll be parked on the couch to watch it.

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