Style Stealer: Taylor Swift’s Typically Retro & Ladylike Look

Taylor Swift’s off-duty fashion sense always reminds me of what Sandra Dee from “Grease” would look like if she only went about halfway with her bad girl makeover. That’s a compliment, BTW, because Sandy was trying to change too much of who she was for her man, and looked awkward doing it. Maybe if she’d kept the preppy clothes and just added a little pop of red on her lips and feet, she would have felt more like a sexier version of herself. Or maybe she would have just felt like Taylor Swift, which would have been weird because Taylor didn’t exist yet. Anyhoo, excuse my time traveling movie/celeb wormhole! Find out how to get Taylor’s look, after the jump!

Button-down Shirt: $35.90, Zara
Oxfords: $15.39, Dollhouse, KG Stores
Sunglasses: $11.99, ModCloth
Tote: $125, Ivanka Trump, Macy’s
Skirt: $19.95, H&M