What Really Goes Down At A Cuddle Workshop

Twenty complete strangers paying to cuddle with each other either sounds like your idea of a utopian economy or the weirdest, worst thing a person can spend their hard-earned cash on. I’m a huge proponent of snuggling as much as humanly possible, but I don’t know how I’d feel about paying $50 for a total stranger to spoon me, or return the favor by stroking them like a cat.

Anna Nathan Shekory Tom Fortes Mayer, the couple who created London’s Cuddle Workshops, think you should just get over it and enjoy the oxytocin boost that comes with “therapeutic non-sexual touching.”

The couple, who met a year ago at a Language of Love workshop and indulge in massive amounts of cuddling themselves (OBVI), say that people pay to cuddle for a number of reasons.

“There are some people who’re single and they want to have physical contact with people in a safe environment where nothing’s expected of them. Some people come because they’re used to lots of cuddles from their family, and perhaps they’re living in a new town or a new country.Then there are those who simply love cuddling and meeting new people,” explained Anna.

The class includes a cuddle wish fulfillment section, where cuddlees can ask to be stroked like a cat or whatever snuggle-related fantasy they have. The workshop ends with freestyle cuddle, where everyone can pile up in the center of the room like a bunch of puppies. And don’t worry, Anna and Tom make a big point of teaching how to politely decline an unwanted cuddle. A simple, “No thank you” to someone asking you to stroke them like a cat is all it takes. That’s the only answer there is as far as I’m concerned. [Daily Mail UK]