Millennials Discover Fine Wine With Tasting Room, The Netflix Of Wine

The Millennial generation, which includes the youngest legal drinkers, is consuming more wine than previous generations, and they’re educating themselves about it too! Rather than bring a six-pack to the party, and guzzle beers with their college roommates, they’re enjoying fine wine and sharing their love and knowledge with friends. It’s certainly more refined, but is it as much fun? And how can a 21-year-old possibly learn to appreciate wine in the short time it has been made available to them?

Millennials are broadening their palates by signing up for online wine clubs like Tasting Room by Lot18. According to Craig Davis, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Lot18, more than 30 percent of Tasting Room members are born between 1980 and 1993. We must admit, young adults are savvy, resourceful and innovative, and it seems they’re onto something big with Tasting Room. No matter your age, learning about wine (and drinking it, of course) is fun!

Tasting Room takes the guesswork out of wine shopping by helping you select wines you’re guaranteed to enjoy—yes, guaranteed. To assess your preferences, they’ll send you a box of six small bottles (destined to turn any drinker into a seasoned wino), some reds and some whites. Upon rating the bottles in this tasting kit, TR generates a custom wine profile detailing the types of wines that match your preferences as well as the regions they come from and foods they pair well with. The profiles are useful, but the best part is the wine! The wines on their site come with a satisfaction guarantee so if you ever receive a bottle that doesn’t suit your palate, they’ll give you a wine credit or replace it. Not yet a connoisseur? Just taste and rate.

AND! Lot18 has extended a special discount just for The Frisky readers! Follow this link to receive your tasting kit for only $6.95 (originally $9.95)!