Jen Selter, Owner Of The Best Butt On Instagram, Talks Butt Fame

It’s the scoop of the year! Jen Selter, proprietress of the world-renowned “best butt on Instagram,” has given an interview with some British media company called BarcroftTV. This is their Edward Snowdon, you guys. Barbara Walters dropped the ball on this one.

As you would imagine, the camera lingers on Jen’s butt more than a little during the segment. And what a butt it is! No media coverage of the best butt on Instagram would be complete without random men on street corners yelling “OH MY GOD IS SHE SINGLE!” at the camera, by way of illustrating how special this gluteus maximus truly is. It’s bigger than Kim’s, you guys. That’s a direct quote.

The 20-year-old also confesses that she tears up upon receiving letters and messages at how her perky bum has inspired others. How moving. I’m going to go do a squat right now.


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