Astrology 101: The Capricorn Love Compatibility Guide

Happy birthday, dear Capricorns! As our gift to you, we put together this handy love compatibility guide so you can check out the pros and cons of all your romantic match-ups. Read on to get the astrological perspective on your love life…

Capricorn with Aries:

Best thing: You will be drawn to Aries’ intense energy and soak up their positive outlook on life. They’ll make you feel like a kid again (in a good way).

Worst thing: Since Aries is emotionally volatile in an outward way and you are emotionally controlled, it might be tough to find a balance.

Capricorn with Taurus:

Best thing: Taurus shares your needs for comfort, stability, and security, which creates an easy and harmonious connection.

Worst thing: The two of you both have trouble letting go and tend to hold onto resentments, so even small annoyances can blossom into major grudges.

Capricorn with Gemini:

Best thing: You will feel comfortable with Gemini because they will take the lead in social interactions, giving you a chance to open up on your own terms.

Worst thing: Gemini’s extremely changeable and unpredictable nature will leave you feeling constantly stressed and on edge.

Capricorn with Cancer:

Best thing: You and Cancer actually have quite a bit in common. This will be a natural connection for you, filled with relaxing time at home snuggled up together.

Worst thing: You will have a hard time relating to Cancer’s deeply emotional nature. They need connection on an emotional level and while you may crave that, you guard your emotions more closely.

Capricorn with Leo:

Best thing: Strength and perseverance are common factors for you. You and Leo will admire each other greatly, pushing yourselves to new heights as you cheer each other on.

Worst thing: Leo is way too happy-go-lucky, not to mention flirtatious, for you. Basically when you get past the admiration phase, their way of being and your way of being in life are extremely different.

Capricorn with Virgo:

Best thing: Virgo is the one sign you feel like you can fully be yourself with and relate to. You two will have an awesome, mutually satisfying connection.

Worst thing: Make sure to carve out time to be intimate with one another and focus on your connection. Neglecting this, with your busy schedules, may cause your passion fade.

Capricorn with Libra:

Best thing: You are fascinated by Libra’s calm, balanced, and socially savvy nature. Being around them will help you to feel more accepting and calm.

Worst thing: Libra always wants to be with others, you crave one-on-one time — this is just one example of the many needs that you will find conflicting between you two.

Capricorn with Scorpio:

Best thing: Scorpio will challenge you to open up and delve into your emotional side. Although this may be uncomfortable at first, over time you will come to love, appreciate, and even rely on this.

Worst thing: Often, Scorpio will simply be too much for you: too much intensity, too much emotional depth, too much prying. You need more space than they want to give.

Capricorn with Sagittarius:

Best thing: Sagittarius will help you broaden your experiences in life. With them, you will find yourself opening up to new things you have never explored.

Worst thing: Both stubborn, opinionated, and a bit controlling, your relationship may end up feeling like a passive aggressive power struggle.

Capricorn with Capricorn:

Best thing: It will be extremely refreshing to be with someone who truly understands your need for alone time, your focus on work, your grand ambitions, your practical nature, etc.

Worst thing: Both of you will always want to be in charge. If you don’t learn to let go and take turns leading, you may end up resenting one another.

Capricorn with Aquarius:

Best thing: You will love the stability, loyalty, and deep friendship you have with Aqaurius, not to mention the intellectual connection.

Worst thing: Their heady, sometimes aloof nature will be hard for you to handle, and you will find yourself wanting (and trying really hard) to bring them down to earth.

Capricorn with Pisces:

Best thing: Pisces will help you feel comfortable to express your sensual, romantic side that you may not have tapped into for a while.

Worst thing: Pisceans are simply too optimistic and “dreamy” for you. You need someone who can meet you on a practical level.