“Real Housewife” Brandi Glanville Says She “Wanted To Be Molested As A Child”

Brandi Glanville is a reality TV villianess sent from Central Casting Heaven. The “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills” star spends her screen time on the show making rude and racist comments towards her fellow cast members and then plays the Who me? card like a pro.

Somehow, Brandi has topped her remark that fellow “Housewife” Joyce is “black” because she can’t swim. Get RAINN on the horn, because Brandi told all six of her podcast listeners that she wishes she had been molested as a child because she was “super-hot.”  

Brandi, not a comedian, was chatting with two comedians, Don Jamieson and Jim Florentine — the latter of whom apparently has a schtick about wanting to be molested. She told Jim:

“I was actually stalking you online, Jim, and we have something in common! I, too, wanted to be molested as a child and was passed up. My sister got felt up by a principal and nothing for me. He didn’t even look at me sideways.”

Jim then asked her, “Did you feel hurt by that?”

“Yeah,” Brandi responded, “Yeah. Now looking back, I’m super-bummed. I was thinking, ‘All this and nothing?’ Super-hot and they passed me up.”

She is now defending herself on Twitter by claiming it’s a “COMEDY based [sic] entertainment show for adults I’m sorry.” I wonder if that excuse will hold up if and when Bravo fires her ass. (Pretty please?) [But then the show will be boring. — Amelia]

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