“My Strange Addiction” Tackles Dirty Diaper-Sucking

Pee drinker? Whatever. TLC’s “My Strange Addiction” can pack it up and go home after last night’s episode featuring Keyshia, a woman who is addicted to smelling and chewing on DIRTY diapers. I mean, at least the lady who drank pee was drinking her own pee. Twenty-two-year-old Keyshia is sneaking into her friend Kim’s house at all hours of the day and night and pilfering pee-soaked diapers off her babies’ bodies.

“It’s very annoying because she doesn’t care what time it is,” Kim says. “She’ll wake my baby up to take the diaper that’s on the baby.”

Keyshia claims her dirty diaper addiction started about three years ago when one of her friends was changing her baby and gave her the diaper to throw out. Instead, she kept it for, like, a week and smelled it every morning and every night. Since then, Keyshia has sniffed and chewed over 25,000 soiled diapers. She prefers “the heavier ones that have more pee” because they “smell better” and she loves to taste them while she’s making dinner. Because … palate booster?

But here’s the fantastically disgusting part: when she’s done with a diaper, sometimes she throws them away and sometimes she just sticks them in her coffee mugs. Yes, the one THAT SHE DRINKS OUT OF.

As you might have guessed, she has a fiancé (the people on this show always do!) and Jerome’s not thrilled about having dirty diapers all over his house. [Meanwhile, I AM STILL SINGLE. — Amelia]

“I’ve tried to work with her, but she goes beyond for her diapers. She’s even willing to dig in the garbage,” said Jerome.

How will I ever eat lunch again? I really think I have to stop watching this show. [Huffington Post]