9 Reasons That The Workout Reality Show “Toned Up” Is Actually Kind Of Great

I have a confession to make: “Toned Up” is my new “guilty” pleasure — but I am unashamed.

My friend/workout buddy Kate introduced me to the show, which follows the lives of the ladies behind the Tone It Up fitness empire, and I’ve secretly gotten totally hooked. The show follows best friends Karena and Katrina (yeah, their names are really that similar), who started their exercise business together a few years ago. Yes, they are both model-gorgeous and do things like hold board meetings at the beach. But there’s a whole lot more to the women than that. Anyway, I’d certainly rather watch fitness gurus goof off on TV than angry housewives!

Here are just few reasons “Toned Up” is actually great:

1. Karena and Katrina believe in lifting each other up. This is the biggest reason I love the show. Morally bankrupt reality TV producers love pitting women against each other and it would be easy to imagine a show about fitness instructors that has us making negative comparisons about our bodies. Karena and Katrina will never take this route and have instead built a business that’s all about ladies supporting each other. Their online community focuses on women encouraging each other and recognizing that we are all sexy in our own way. In the “Toned Up” world, another woman’s success is seen as inspiration rather than something for others to tear down.

2. I get to feel like I’m at the beach, sort of. The pair lives in Southern California and we East Coast viewers get to live vicariously through their trips to the beach as we freeze in 10-degree January temperatures and slog through dirty slush.

3. They are walking Pinterest health and fitness boards. Seriously, their skin even glows. How do they do that?

4. Business savvy comes in all forms. The show might portray them as lovable ditzes, but K and K are smart ladies who founded their own business. They’re proof that you can turn your passion into a viable cateet if you’re willing to think outside the box and put in the legwork. They’re living their dreams and they’re making bank with their own TV series.

5. They take criticism in stride. Earlier this month, “Toned Up” received its first negative review in Variety. Karena and Katrina wrote a friendly response in the comment section defending themselves with kindness (Variety has since deleted the comment, but I guess that’s neither here nor there). The girls stand up for themselves but also know better than to take haters too seriously. Classy.

6. Unlike the “Housewives” empire, here are two girl friends who actually like each other. I don’t know about you, but I definitely see me and my best friends in K and K when they finish each other’s sentences. They’re unpretentious and they’re goofballs. Refreshing much?

7. They give me hope there are actual careers that involve lounging on the beach with cute boys. Talk about living the ultimate American Dream ‚ they have business meetings on the beach with a plethora of hot employees. Let’s be real, the fact that “Toned Up” is easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt.

8. They believe in you! Karena and Katrina believe in positivity, gratitude and self-love as a means for making fitness work for their viewers. On their blog, they spend a lot of time suggesting that their readers make gratitude lists, meditate, and take note of what they love about themselves just as they are.

9. They have great hair. Enough said.


[Image via BravoTV.com]