“The Bachelor” Coerces A Woman Into Getting Naked On Camera, While Another Has A Drunken Freakout

By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / January 14, 2014

Dare I say it, but last night’s episode of “The Bachelor” — which I livetweet every week from The Frisky’s Twitter account — might have been the darkest episode in the show’s history. Yes, I said “darkest.” I mean, not “Sons of Anarchy” dark, but the episode was more depressing than usual, and not because it featured a gaggle of women, desperate for love, fighting over one dude. No, last night’s episode was depressing because, during a group date, one bachelorette was coerced into getting “naked” for a photoshoot, while another got so wasted that she ended up having a crying freakout in the bathroom.

The first part of the group date involved Juan Pablo and a bunch of the women doing a photoshoot (to promote dog adoption or something) that came straight out of the “America’s Next Top Model” rejected challenges pile. (Complete with its own stupid version of “creative director” Jay Manuel!) All of the women were assigned costumes, but two of the women were unhappy to discover that their costumes involved little more than a placard covering their naughty bits. Elise managed to trade costumes with Free Spirit Lucy, who is happy to get naked on the show without being asked every chance she can. But Andi, who was clearly very uncomfortable with the photoshoot in general, and even more so because she was supposed to be almost entirely undressed, was talked into doing the shoot by Juan Pablo.

Last night on Twitter, Juan Pablo tweeted:

“Ohh I THOUGHT informing my DISPLEASURE to the PRODUCTION company was gonna be ENOUGH to cut that UNCONFORTABLE situation… I was WRONG. YEAP definitely there is PEOPLE that don’t care ABOUT what I said to them… I DIDN’T stop that part not to MAKE girls UNCOMFORTABLE…I DIDN’T stop the PHOTOSHOOT cause I didn’t WANT Chantel and Victoria to feel like SHIT in front of the OTHER girls…”

Forgetting that JP is mixing up Chantel with Elise, I’m not sure what he’s trying to say he did to stop the photoshoot from happening. It sounds like he told production he didn’t think it was okay, but they forced it? On screen, it seemed very much like JP convinced Andi to proceed. Regardless, it was a really, really weird “date” in that it felt more like a challenge to win or fail — that if Andi refused to participate, she would be kicked off the show or something. It was very odd and, frankly, it pissed me off. I mean, why did production choose only two women to get naked? How did they pick those two? Because they knew they wouldn’t want to do it and it would incite drama? I realize that production stirs the pot on shows like this, that comes with the territory, but this isn’t a modeling competition — Andi shouldn’t have to strip down to her underwear on television to get a rose from Juan Pablo, you know?

The second part of the date involved cocktails on a roof, as per usual. Victoria got really wasted. So wasted that she went off on some tangent about giving Juan Pablo the “hymen” maneuver, which involved straddling him or something? I can’t tell if Victoria is wasted and dumb or wasted and making a really witty pun.

Regardless, her drunken antics got her booted off the show, because Juan Pablo, who coerced a woman into getting almost naked on TV, doesn’t think Victoria would be good to have around his daughter. Mmkay. I get that Victoria acted a fool — and clearly didn’t remember just how badly she behaved the next morning, because she definitely thought it was no big whoop — but I didn’t love the moral judgment hidden in Juan Pablo’s explanation for giving her the boot. But maybe I’m just sensitive towards what I’ve jokingly deemed “drunk-shaming” because Victoria’s behavior could have been my own a few years ago. You live and learn!

Anyway, I hope next week’s episode is a little lighter. When I want to be depressed by TV, I’ll binge-watch “Sons of Anarchy,” thanks.