Texas Husband Sues Hospital To Take Brain Dead Pregnant Wife Off Life Support

  • The husband of Marlise Munoz, a braindead woman in Texas who allegedly suffered a blood clot in her lungs, is suing the hospital where she is being kept on life support against her and her family’s wishes. She is 16 weeks pregnant and the hospital believes they have to follow a state law keeping her body alive to support the fetus. Her family is quite rightly arguing that this is cruel. [RH Reality Check]
  • Pope Francis — who recently said something that was actually sensible about breastfeeding in church — called abortion “horrific” in his State Of The World Speech. He referred to aborted fetuses as “victims” and “children who will never see the light of day.” [Huffington Post]
  • Samantha Geimer, the author of The Girl: A Life In The Shadow Of Roman Polanski, did an interview with Feministing. [Feministing]
  • Are you surprised that Fox News CEO Roger Ailes is a rampant sexist who would complain about not being able to see female anchors’ legs? [Media Matters For America]
  • Meet the woman behind Move The Fuck Over Bro, a Tumblr blog showing men taking up too much space on public transportation. [Forward]
  • On Beyoncé, CeCe McDonald and the fight for justice for Black women. [Salon]
  • Here is Ms. magazine critiquing season three of “Girls” through a feminist lens. [Ms. Magazine]

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