Mayonnaise Pervert Arrested For Slathering Schoolgirls In Japan

Another day, another dairy fetishist harassing women. If you thought the Swiss Cheese Pervert was disgusting, prepared to be equally skeeved out by Japan’s Mayonnaise Pervert, who was arrested this week.

The 25-year-old man was charged with assault for covering a number of teenage school girls in mayonnaise. One 15-year-old victim claimed that she heard a strange sound coming from behind her on a train station escalator and turned around to find the suspect spreading mayonnaise on her body like a piece of Wonder Bread. And she wasn’t the only one who got slathered with the creamy condiment. Six similar incidents were reported before police caught the man.

Being as that I have an irrational fear of mayonnaise, I find this particularly disturbing. Seriously, is this use of dairy products in a sexual context a thing? [Japan Crush]