Lawyer Parents Make Their Daughter Sign An Affadavit For The Tooth Fairy

Emily Winter is not just one of our freelancer writers. Once upon a time, she was also a highly suspect little girl whose parents  — both lawyers — made her sign an affidavit to confirm to the Tooth Fairy that she really did lose a tooth she claimed to have lost. She even searched in her Alpha Bits cereal looking for it! Fortunately, her Notary Public father signed off on the document, so she was free to accept renumerance from the Tooth Fairy. Ah, lawyers.

Read Emily’s full affidavit after the jump:

emily affadavit

I’m still waiting on confirmation from Emily about what sort of compensation the Tooth Fairy delivered. I used to get 25 cents. If I find out the going rate for fresh teeth was higher in Illinois, I’ll be retaining Emily’s parents.

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