Hate Your Job? This App Will Send A Breakup Text To Your Boss

Technology! Ain’t it grand? A new app called Quit Your Job will, yes, quit your job for you and it will do the whole thing via text. Seriously.

Quit Your Job asks you a few questions about why you’re leaving the position and then puts together a nifty resignation text, which will be sent straight to your boss. My immediate thought was “wow, this app is perfect for the guys and girls of the world who avoid responsibility by dumping people with a breakup text.” As it turns out, that’s no coincidence: the designers behind Quit Your Job are the same folks who brought you the famous BreakupText app.

Sure, the app is pretty silly and the big question is whether people will use it in seriousness to quit. What they do, though, will tell us a whole lot about whether the working world is ready for an overhaul in how we handle resigning. In our increasingly-remote workforce, it is probably not so uncommon to quit via email or even Instant Messanger or GChat. Is texting the next step?

Still, as crass as the idea of an “I quit” text seems, I would be secretly thrilled if quitting over SMS became professionally acceptable. I’ve had a few soul-sucking jobs in the past that were full of negative energy. I dreamed of bailing “Office Space”-style! If quitting via text wouldn’t have meant certain professional suicide, I would have jumped on it at the time. Does it say something weak about a person’s character to have the “big talks” of life over a text message, or is it just the turn of the times and a way to save yourself massive amounts of pointless stress? [New York Post]