Dude Suffers Terrifying Seven-Week Erection After Biking Accident

After a mountain biking crash, a 22-year-old Irish man found himself with an erection that lasted for seven weeks. When he slammed into his handle bars during the crash, he was left with a hard-on that just wouldn’t quit. He kept the result of his “irregular bloodflow” to himself for five weeks (how he managed that is beyond me) and finally paid a visit to Tallaght Hospital in Dublin, where it took doctors two weeks to find a way to treat it. His otherwise good health made the rare case even more baffling.

According to the Irish Examiner:

Medics initially tried to treat the condition with “manual compression” that resulted in the resolution of the erection, but it rapidly returned. The staff then tried a pressure dressing that was in place for two weeks “but release of pressure caused immediate recurrence of priapism.” Medics eventually treated the man after inserting gel foam and four tiny platinum coils at an abnormal connection between an artery and a vein that supplied blood to the man’s penis. This reduced the high-flow blood supply to the penis, ending the erection.

The worst part? The poor guy was conscious during the procedure. Traumatizing much? Apparently, the treatment comes with a small risk of impotence, but so far he’s back to having sex like normal.

Well, that’s a relief.  If I were him, I’d be avoiding any form of biking for the foreseeable future.

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[Image of woman laughing at man with his pants down via Shutterstock]