Would You Wear A T-Shirt That Keeps You From Slouching?

As most people who spend 8+ hours a day hunched over a desk, my posture is more “14-year-old boy who just hit his growth spurt” than “confident 20-something woman with a healthy spine and functioning abdominal muscles.” As much as I try to remind myself to keep my chin up and shoulders back, I’m definitely not averse to getting a little help in the good posture department, especially when it comes in the form of a cute T0shirt. Luckily for me, a French company called UpCouture has created a shirt called the “Up T-Shirt” which claims to stop the wearer from slouching. Using high-strength (but allegedly comfortable) elastic bands sewn into organic cotton fabric, the Up T-Shirt gently pulls your shoulders back, which, the company says, “results in a higher and more appealing profile.” The posture boost will cost you — the shirt retails for almost $200 — but hey, it’s cheaper than a few months’ worth of chiropractor appointments. [Design Taxi]