“Girls”‘ Jemima Kirke On “Stupid” & “Fascinating” Internet Comments

“It surprises me how stupid people can be. It surprises me how many women hate other women, or feel uncomfortable with themselves. There’s a good portion of women who are offended by the show, which I do find strange. I read them because it’s fascinating. ‘Like Patrick Wilson would sleep with her!’ You know what? He might, and in this story, he did! And why does that bother you? Is it not realistic enough, or is it that you haven’t seen it in other shows in movies enough?”

Yes, THIS. I love what Jemima Kirke — who plays Jessa on “Girls” — has to say to NYMag.com’s Vulture blog about a certain strain of internet comments that often question Lena Dunham’s desirability. Why is it so hard for some people to believe that a man who looks like Patrick Wilson would sleep with a woman like Dunham? Is it really unrealistic or is it just TV and movies that make it seem that way because those pairings are rarely shown on screen? Good questions.

Kirke also weighs in on what her character is up to in the third season, which debuted last night, after going AWOL on Hannah midway through the second. On last night’s premiere, we discovered that Jessa has been in rehab and causing trouble as usual, even outing a fellow patient named Laura, played by Danielle Brooks (who also plays Tastee on “Orange is the New Black”). Her antics got her kicked out, forcing Hannah, her boyfriend Adam, and Jessa’s cousin Shoshanna to come to her rescue. In the interview, Jemima seems to share viewers’ compassion for and frustration with Jessa’s rich, troubled, lost bohemian thing, subtly emphasizing a few times that they’re not alike. I get the sense that the third season of “Girls” is going to have some great material for Kirke to work with. Check out a clip from last night’s premiere episode(s) below and the rest of the interview at the link! [NYMag.com]