“Star Trek” Fan Spends $30K On Renovating Her Basement To Look Like The Bridge Of The Enterprise

I’ve been a “Star Trek” fan since I was a little girl, when I started watching the show (first “The Original Series,” then “The Next Generation”) with my dad. Even when the TV was off, “Trek” stoked my imagination. One of the fondest memories I have of my dad (who died in November 2012) was listening to his “Star Trek”-inspired bedtime stories, starring Yeoman Amelia and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise. Much of the action took place on the bridge, and ever since, part of me has always looked upon that space and thought, I want to go to there. 

And I could, if Quebec resident Line Rainville would invite me over to hang out in her “Star Trek” basement. Rainville spent $30K renovating her basement to look like the Enterprise, complete with its own bathroom (with a sweet insignia mosaic in the shower!), comfy captain’s chairs, and a (stuffed) pet Tribble. Click through to see just how detailed Rainville was with her renovations. [Metro UK]

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