The Daily Squee: Baby Skunk In A Onesie Cuddling A Stuffed Sloth

There are so many things about this picture that are making my head spin, but it involves a onesie and it’s somehow appealing to my sense of cuteness, so I’m going with it…even though I have been known to have nightmares about skunks. Anyhow, Stunky the the skunk (I should specify that she’s someone’s PET) recently had surgery to get spayed, so her owner dressed put her in a puppy diaper and a onesie to keep her from scratching her stitches. This picture of Stunky, short for Stunkard, cuddling with her stuffed sloth, were posted by her owner. Because I know you’re wondering, YES, Stunky is descented, meaning she can’t spray. What the WHAT? I just kind of can’t even deal with how cute this is. There’s another picture of Stunky after the jump because I had to. [Reddit via Laughing Squid]