Astrology 101: A Deeper Look At Rising Signs

A while back, we did a post about rising signs, also called the “ascendant” in astrology. Like many of our Astrology 101 articles, it was a basic overview of a pretty complex topic, focusing on your sun sign on how your rising sign relates to it. All of this still hold true, but since then we’ve come to realize that your rising sign is important to understand as its own entity, because its influence in your day-to-day life is way more powerful than you might think. With that in mind, let’s take a deeper look into why rising signs are so important and how they affect us… 

Some astrologers have compared the rising sign to the door of a house, the thing you must pass through in order to go deeper inside. Our rising sign tells us not only how others see us from the outside, but it’s also the lens through which we take in and respond to the world around us. What that means is that our rising signs affect our outward behaviors: the way we approach relationships, the way we interpret complex situations, the way react to disappointing or exciting news, and so much more.

As we mentioned in our rising sign overview, your rising sign definitely affects the first impression you give off, but it’s so much more than that; your rising sign really does have a huge effect on your personality. Most people’s personalities are a nice combination of their rising and sun sign. It differs from person to person, but if you read traditional astrology and never quite feel like you fit into your sign’s personality profile, it is likely because your personality is much more similar to your rising sign’ s personality profile.

You can find a handy rising sign calculator here. You will need your exact birth time, but we promise it’s absolutely worth finding out!

One of the most helpful things about understanding your rising sign is that it can give you new insights and perspectives on why you do things the way you do them. Our ascendant has a huge influence on our behavior patterns. For example, if you tend to get nervous about everything and can’t rest until you have analyzed the heck out of every situation, you probably have a Virgo rising sign. Characteristics like this can often inhibit us from fully enjoying life, but if you can understand these patterns and where they come from, you can begin to break them down and learn new ways to cope (in this case, practicing calming behaviors like quieting the mind by being active, meditating, etc).

We encourage you to spend some time learning about your unique rising sign and how it affects you. Try to be open, even if you feel especially attached to your sun sign. Remember nothing will change the fact that we are our sun sign on the inside, but how we function in life is hugely determined by our ascendant. Learning about your rising sign can help give you more of a complete picture of what you need in life to be happy and satisfied. It can unlock doors for self-growth that you thought were locked forever. It certainly has for us! Give this piece of your personality puzzle some attention, and who knows what you’ll find.

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