Nebraska Waitress Gets $6000 Tip To Pay For Her College Tuition

Abigail Sailors, an 18-year-old college student and waitress at a Lincoln, Nebraska Cracker Barrel restaurant, has already endured more hardship than most people experience in their entire lives. After her mother was gravely injured in a car accident, her father was deemed an unfit parent, and Sailors and her four siblings were sent to live at a foster home. The siblings were abused by their new foster father, who was eventually sent to prison. For nine years, the siblings were split up and shuttled to different foster homes, before finally being reunited and placed together with loving foster parents.

And in spite of all of this, Sailors has maintained the kind of positive attitude that has earned her the unofficial title of “happiest server” at her restaurant. So when two men came into the restaurant last week asking to be seated with the grumpiest server (so they could cheer him or her up), the host declined, and insisted on seating them in Sailors’ section instead.

Sailors greeted them with her trademark smile, and when the customers asked how she managed to stay so positive, she told them about her difficult past and how it had shaped her attitude. “My life could be worse,” she said, “but it isn’t.”

The men were so inspired by Sailors’ story that, after hearing she was struggling to pay for her next semester at Trinity College, wrote her one check for $5,000 (for tuition), another one for $1000 (for supplies), and on top of that, left her a $100 tip.

True to her kind reputation, Sailors split the tip with another server.