Farrah Abraham Regrets Her Sex Tape With James Deen, Says It “Ruined” Her Life

“It made it hard to have friends and a private life and to trust family, who I feel use me for money. If I went back in time, I would not have done it. The sex tape ruined my life. … Knowing my sex tape was out there for everyone in the world to see … was overwhelming. I wanted to hide my face and not go out or pick up my phone.”

Welp, I sure am sorry Farrah Abraham regrets doing her infamous sex tape, er, professionally shot pornographic film with the industry’s biggest male star — but them’s the breaks, girl! Farrah continued to act like her porn with James Deen was accidentally released without her permission, even though every known fact disputes that claim, in a new interview with In Touch magazine.

She also tells the magazine how she ended up on the new season of “Couples Therapy” alone, without alleged boyfriend Brian Daw. Abraham allegedly faked having a relationship with the 31-year-old DJ — who already had a real-life girlfriend — in order to get on the show, telling producers and In Touch that he bailed on her at the last minute. Farrah did the show anyway and claims therapy actually helped her. She told In Touch:

“Therapy helped me understand I can’t continue experiencing life [the way I had been], that I’m more special than sex tapes. Hearing others tell me my worth is [all based on] my body. … I’m stronger than that.”

Soooo does that mean her sex toy line is a no-go? That would be a shame considering she already made a mold of her vagina and asshole. [In Touch via Gawker]