‪Finally, You Can Buy Sexy Lingerie For Your Boyfriend‬

Men have been dabbling in women’s lingerie, well, forever, but, for the most part, not so openly. Now, an Australian lingerie company called HommeMystere is making it mainstream for men to wear the same kind of lacy bras and panties that women do. HommeMystere’s collection includes bras, thongs and teddies that are relatively affordable (about $70 for a bra and panty set), “comfortable'”and “great for all day wear.” You can watch a video of dudes modeling said lingerie on the runway if you’re looking to kill some time. Or, just because.

“I think more and more men are becoming interested in bras,” the executive director for men’s lingerie line Wish Room told the Daily Mail.

I can’t say I’ve experienced a man being interested in much more than taking my bra off, but Valentine’s Day is coming up, so I guess we can buy some lacy lingerie for the special guys in our lives and see how it goes. Below is the cheeky commercial for the HommeMystere China Doll lingerie line, you know, so you can see what you’re buying. [Daily Mail UK]