Crystal Meth Is Not An Appropriate Tip For Your Server — No Matter How Great The Service Was

Oregon couple Ryan Bensen and Erica Manley must have really enjoyed their dinner at the  Twisted Fish Steakhouse, because when the bill came, they left their waitress with an extra special tip: an envelope , marked with a question mark, and filled with crystal meth.

The waitress wasn’t quite as excited about her tip as the Bensen and Manley assumed she would be. Instead of sneaking off to the kitchen and snorting it, she called the cops.

“[The waitress] was like ‘Whoa — what the …?” We’re not a little dive bar or hole in the wall. We’re a classy place,” said restaurant’s manager.

Because we’ve never heard of classy people doing drugs before. ANHYHOW, before they left their table, the police arrived to arrest the diners, who were found to have 17 more ounces of crystal meth on them (so, I suppose the tip wasn’t really that generous). Oh, and also, authorities discovered they were running a meth lab out of a nearby Holiday Inn hotel room. Moral: you never know who’s sitting next to you at your local steakhouse. Also:leaving drugs as a tip for your server is one of those things that only seems like a good idea when you’re on drugs. [Gawker]