Woman Pops Out A Baby In Her Onesie

I’m a huge fan of onesie pajamas. Aside from the peeing obstacles they present, I need no further reason to love the all-in-one pajama. But if you weren’t sold on the all-in-one quite yet, I should add that in addition to keeping you super warm on polar vortex nights, onesies are also great for surprise births.

UK woman, Jessica Wynter, says that her pajamas saved her baby’s life. While on the way to the hospital to give birth, her son Kye popped out much sooner than expected and landed safely into the leg of her onesie.

‘Within seconds of getting out of the car Jessica screamed, ‘He’s here!’ I ran to her and, sure enough, heard a baby crying. I undid the zip of her onesie and there he was, tucked up safely in the garment’s leg. If she hadn’t had it on I dread to think what might have happened,” said Wynter’s mother.

“If I’d not been wearing it I don’t think Kye would have survived. It was incredibly lucky,” said Wynter.

I don’t know what’s luckier: that her onesie saved her baby’s life or that she got to skip over the labor part of childbirth. [Metro UK]