#PolarVortexPickUpLines Are Keeping People Warm In Sub-Zero Temperatures — Plus The Cast Of “Downton Abbey” Shirtless!

  • “While that is actually an icicle in my pants, I’m still happy to see you.” #polarvortexpickuplines I’m thrilled that something good has come out of this ungodly deep freeze. [PopSugar Love & Sex]
  • This woman went to orgasm school to learn how to do it better. Find out if she got an A+ in “Pussy Breathing.” [Your Tango]
  • You need to look at the heads of the cast of “Downton Abbey” Photoshopped onto the bodies of male models. Mrs. Patamore as an underwear model is flawless. [Nerve]
  • Sometimes decoding whether or not you like each other is the hardest part. There should be some kind of Morse Code for that. [College Candy]
  • Getting your partner to do what you want doesn’t have to be so hard…does it? [The Stir]
  • The acronym of the day is SWERF (Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminist.) [The Gloss]
  • There’s an online dating sites for moms to meet other moms. Not in that way. [Mommyish]
  • There are things you can do to make sure he lasts longer. Sounds very labor intensive. [Hello Beautiful]
  • I instinctively cringe at the phrase “needy girlfriend,” but this guy endeavors to explain what that means. [Betty Confidential]