Beauty How-To: Amy Adams’ Dewy Glow In “American Hustle”

Over the holidays, I finally saw “American Hustle,” starring Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and Jennifer Lawrence. Depending on who you ask, the movie is either THE BEST OF THE YEAR or a complete disaster. Or, if you were to ask me, I would tell you that the movie is okay, but worth seeing for three reasons: 1) the first scene, in which Christian Bale styles his awesomely atrocious combover for, like, three minutes; 2) Jennifer Lawrence’s fairly ridiculous half-Jersey/half-California accent; and 3) Amy Adams’ fucking gorgeous makeup game. Regarding the latter: can we bring dewy makeup back please? It’s so youthful and fresh and who doesn’t want that just got fucked flush? 

Naturally, like most “natural” makeup looks, the dewy look still requires plenty of products, but you apply them with a light hand. Start with your usual moisturizer (I use argan oil), then, using your fingers, apply a sheer foundations like NARS Sheer Glow Foundation ($44). Apply a light dusting of your favorite powder to set, but nothing heavy, preferably — the idea is to let your natural skin shine through, while evening shit out, you know? Next you need a highlighter. No, not to sniff. That’s what I thought at first too, but no. MAKEUP highlighter is what you want. Benefit’s Watt’s Up ($30) is a reliable one to have on hand. Glide it lightly over your cheek and brow bones and then blend.

In terms of color, I think dewy makeup looks best when there’s uniformity. e.l.f.’s All Over Color Stick is a creamy, shimmer-y stick (I like the Persimmon color, but you should adjust to your skin tone) that can be applied on your eyelids, cheeks and lips — I particularly like to use it on the cheeks, and then pack it in my purse to reapply everywhere as the day wears on. Also, it’s $1 — yes, one single dollar — so if you lose it, or it melts, whatevs.

The next part is totally optional, but I really do recommend buying a makeup setting spray, especially if you’re sick of your fabulous face melting off by the time lunch has digested. NYX makes this Dewy Finish Makeup Setting Spray that’s fab and totally affordable ($7.99). Mist your face and then get to work on those peepers. Cream eyeshadow is where it’s at. Using your finger, pat on a little pastel-y pink and shimmery nudish gold, like ULTA’s Color Coat Cream Eyeshadow in Metallic and Rose Gold ($4 each). Skip the liner, unless you’re going for a stronger evening makeup look. But seriously, putting on eye liner is the worst part of putting on makeup so use this an excuse to just not, okay? Brush on a thin coat of your usual mascara. Lastly, swipe on a sheer lipstick, like Smashbox’s Megatint Long Wear Lip Color in Whirl ($20).

Now look at yourself, you gorgeous, glowing goddess of dewy perfection. Have you just spent the last hour dancing up a storm at Studio 54? Is that vintage Halston you’re wearing? Might as well be.