Woman Posted Bloodied “Selfie” On Facebook After Domestic Violence Attack

On Monday, December 30th, Facebook friends of Kentucky resident Susann Stacy would have seen a post of her bloodied face and the message “Help please anyone.”

Susann had been beaten over the head with a handgun by her husband, Donnie Stacy. At some point, the landline phone allegedly got ripped out of the wall. So Susann took a picture of herself (presumably with her computer) and posted it on Facebook through their Wifi network. Donnie was arrested and charged with assault; the handgun he used to beat her was found near their son’s play area.

Original news reports erroneously claimed Susann posted the selfie on Facebook, which resulted in someone calling police on her behalf. But according to WTVR news, a sheriff’s deputy has since told CNN that while Susann did indeed post the selfie online, two 911 calls were also made. One 911 call was just a person screaming in the background; the other 911 call was Donnie Stacy, saying he had beaten his wife and that she needed help. Somewhere in the midst of all this, Susann posted the selfie.

We have no way of knowing what was going on with the multiple calls to 911 and it would be lurid to speculate. But clearly this is a woman who thought putting a violent image of her own battered face online served some purpose — possibly to save her own life. A phone call from your husband to the police is not exactly something a woman who just got the shit beaten out of her can count on, you know?

Yet somehow, people have found a way to criticize the Susann (always the victim blaming!) for putting the picture on Facebook at all. As she wrote on Facebook on January 2:

A statement about the events of Monday.. I posted a picture via WiFi because it was my ONLY way to seek help. I didn’t have a phone to call on… no cell service… just WiFi. I just wanted help.. to not die in a pool of my own blood in my kitchen floor. I am thankful for all the help… care… concern… and humanity shown to me. There are so many negative statements being made… along with positive ones… following the news stories. To each their own. Time to find that more better forever. Blessings.

People just don’t want to know what domestic violence really looks like, I guess.

WARNING: Violent images at the links

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